Fire & Ice Gala - Brisbane 2018

Ignite the Passion, Sculpt the Future

We have all been touched by mental illness, if it isn’t us then it is someone we love, someone we care for, even someone we sit next to at work everyday. There has been a lot of media attention in regards to the ongoing stigmatisation of Mental Health, resulting in people not feeling they are able to ask for support. In recent AMA studies, this has been shown to be prevalent in the Health Industry. As a result those who are suffering feel they are unable to ask for help out of fear of reprisal, risk to their career and shame.

We feel the best way to start this conversation is with throwing an inaugural gala in conjunction with Darling and Co to help build a movement of humanising mental health, one heartfelt story at a time. All proceeds raised from this event will be donated to Beyond Blue to fund mental health and stigmatisation prevention programs. A collaboration of specialists, medical professionals and medical administrators come together to shed light on a very important issue that is close to all of the organisers hearts. We don’t want to throw a ribbon day, we want to start a movement, a change, we want to start the conversation.

Join us at our inaugural Gala to help build the Movement of humanising mental health, one heartfelt story at a time. All proceeds raised will fund mental health stigma & prevention programs.

Featuring celebrity MC, silent & live auctions, live entertainment. Price of ticket includes admission, food & alcohol all night.

Corporate sponsorship available.
We look forward to seeing you there.

Fire and Ice Theme

The Theme of Fire and Ice, was inspired by the Robert Frost Poem "Fire and Ice". 

Fire and Ice at the end of the day are the two most basic, beautiful, unpredictable and wildest elements of nature, just like life. No one knows what is going to occur next, and sometimes that can make everything extremely difficult. We wanted a theme that represented the loneliness, coldness and loneliness that some mental health sufferers feel, where they feel they can't ask for help (ICE). But also the passion, the intrigue, the endless possibilities that life has to offer (FIRE). 

We wanted a theme that starts the conversation, with the goal that one day there will not be a stigmatisation, that those in the coldness, can ask for help to come back to the light. 


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DRESS CODE: Semi Formal to Formal : with a hint of blue, white, orange, silver or red

Gentleman you may wear suits or tux's if you wish, Ladies please feel free to dress up, be inventive. 


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Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 10.19.51 pm.png